Never Leave My Mind

from by Band Without Hands



broken down the barrier,
it makes things so much scarier.
i've never had to be
responsible in this manner.
touch my face and i'll hold you close,
only for a moment, then I'll have to let go.
It's so hard to stand here alone.

I don't know what you might say
if you heard this today
but I'll be miles away,
yes I'll be miles away,
and there's nothing left to say,
and it doesn't matter anyway,
'cause i'll be miles away,
yes I'll be miles away.

all this manipulation,
i haven't been complacent,
because I can walk through walls adjacent.
straighten your spine,
keep your eyes upon mine,
I know you think you should
but you should just stop trying,
and know that you will never leave my mind...


from EPochalypse, released April 15, 2014




Band Without Hands Boston, Massachusetts

At once political and emotionally vulnerable, the hard rock fabric is interwoven with elements of new wave, metal, and trip hop, creating a unique sound that infuses the audience with excitement. Band Without Hands draws from a vast palette to create cohesive, intriguing, adrenaline-fueled social and emotional commentary. ... more

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