We will consent into a circle
we will form a prize
the disillusioned, our strengths combined
we'll form a pillar
we'll form a tribe
and slowly eat you
we'll eat you alive

protect our mountain
hand in hand
we'll go to where we've never been - protected

and as it passes
time through the sky
the rocket engine
the hungry cry
you will all join us
not when, just why
before we vanish
into the sky


from EPochalypse, released April 15, 2014




Band Without Hands Boston, Massachusetts

At once political and emotionally vulnerable, the hard rock fabric is interwoven with elements of new wave, metal, and trip hop, creating a unique sound that infuses the audience with excitement. Band Without Hands draws from a vast palette to create cohesive, intriguing, adrenaline-fueled social and emotional commentary. ... more

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